Official Announce / New Release Details
Artist: XL Middleton Ft. Moniquea, Kayzabro, Raaso Rax and DJ K.I.P.
Genre: West Coast Hip-Hop / G-Funk
Label: Invizzible Music
Release Date: 08/08/2016
Release Title: West Coast Breezin´
Number of Songs: 1
Total Duration: 5:15
Copyright Year: 2016
Explicit Lyrics: Yes
Producer: DJ K.I.P. Of Invizzible Music
Artwork: Rod-E Of Invizzible Grafix
Contributors: Moniquea (Featured Artist), Kayzabro (Featured Artist), Raaso Rax (Featured Artist), DJ K.I.P. (Featured Artist)

Daichi - 2020 / Prod. by DJ K.I.P.

2ndALBUM ”iScream”から約1年半... また新たなStepへ進む 大地(Daichi)
Produced by DJ K.I.P of Invizzible Music


DJ, producer, founder of Invizzible Music 
Influences - West Coast hip-hop,G-Funk, R´n´B 
1991 - 2000 - member of N.N.P. /hip-hop group/ 
2006 Founder of Invizzible Music - Company and name of the group 
DJ K.I.P - 1st solo album called It´z My Turn released by Invizzible Music / February 2011 / 
Anotha album called Grooves released by Invizzible Music / March 2011 / 
Next album called Remixes released on June 2011. 
All albumz u can find at iTunes, Amazon, Myspace Music and more retailers... 
Invizzible Music are : DJ K.I.P. - production, music

N.N.P. - Jazz Funkee Style 1993/EMI 
N.N.P. - I´m Gonna Be Right 1994/Xinema records 
N.N.P. feat. MC ERIK - Here We Go 1995/Zyx records 
N.N.P. - Summer 1996/BMG ARIOLA 
N.N.P. - Everydaylifestyle 1997/BMG ARIOLA 
N.N.P. - The Resurrection 2000/Invizzible music 
DJ K.I.P. Mixtape vol.1 Wheelz Of Steel 2001 
DJ K.I.P. Mixtape vol. 2 Make The Music 2002 
DJ K.I.P. Mixxxtape vol.3 2002 
DJ K.I.P. Wheelz Of Steel vol.4 2002 
DJ K.I.P. Somethin´4 Tha Mood Mixtape vol.5 2003 
DJ K.I.P. Step Da Ring EP 2003/Ice Dogg Records 
Kaktus a Poet - Bez Reci EP Invizzible Music 2009 
DJ K.I.P. - Grooves Invizzible Music 2011 
Misha (2xCD, Album) 
Now I Do (DJ K.I.P. Remix 
Sony Music Entertainment (Czech Republic)2004 
Victoria - This Is Me! (CD, Album) 
Cry (DJ K.I.P. Remix) 
Universal Music (Czech Republic) 
2005Matt Pardus feat Victoria - Summer /DJ K.I.P. westcoast summer remix/ 
KaMo Agency 2010 
KJ Sawka - The One /DJ K.I.P. remix/ 
Ghetto South - Problems /DJ K.I.P.remix/ 

BT Lucci - Real Niggaz Don´t Keep Score / Invizzible Music 2012 
BT Lucci - Wesside / Invizzible Music 2012 
BT Lucci feat. AMG, Coli and K-Hurl - Cadillac Music / Invizzible Music 2012 
From L.A. 2 Slovakia / Invizzible Music 2012 
DJ K.I.P. - Instrumentalzz / Invizzible Music 2012 
DJ K.I.P. - Groovezz / Invizzible Music 2013

Invizzible Music - Wesside Hustlazz / 2013 
Invizzible Music - G-Funk Rezzurrection / 2013 
LC Johnson - The Sun Sets In The West/ 2014 

Spice 1 - I Dont Care What U say / 2014

Dazzie Dee - Whoz Down With Me / 2014

C-Stud Vill - Yall Aint Ready / 2014

Invizzible Music - We Are All In Tha Same Game / 2014


Stay tuned
New album DJ K.I.P. - "I Don ´t Sell Beatzz" coming soon...
Feat. MC Eiht, XL Middleton, Foesum, Kayzabro, KOG, Daichi, Domino, Gipper, Chouji, Gaya-K, 530 DC, Still G, Raaso Rax, LC Johnson, Sursilvaz, Bigg Lo, Smokey, Izi, BT Lucci, AlleyCat and more... G-Funk4Eva

N.N.P. - Summer / Official Music Video 1996 MBG Ariola

BMG Ariola 1996 /produced by DJ K.I.P.of Invizzible Music
Taken from album Everydaylifestyle
Executive producer DJ K.I.P.